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Meet Our Speaker

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Chair of Wellness  

Pablo Javier Olabe Sánchez | Spain 

PhD Physiotherapist , Aquatic Therapy Specialist 

Academic reference
- Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy. Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM).
- Master degree in NeuroRehabilitation. UCAM.
- Master degree in Research Methodology. Catholic University of Valencia.
- Doctor degree in Manual Therapy & Osteopathy. UCAM.
Professional reference 
- Professor of Anatomy and Research Methodology at UCAM.
- Director of the Aquatic Physiotherapy Service of Thalasia
Collaboration as Aquatic Physiotherapist at:
- Sha Wellness Clinic 
- Archena Thermal Resort 
- La Alameda Thermal Resort 
- Baños de Segura Thermal Resort
- IATA China 

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