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Jiuhua Resort & Convention Center was funded in 1997 in Xiao tang shan, the known “Hot spring Town”. It has very convenient transportation: it takes 25 minutes to drive here from downtown and 40 minutes to drive here from the Beijing International Airport. It is a 5-star multifunctional hotel complex consists of accommodation, dining, hot spring & SPA, recreation, healthcare, convention, exhibition, physical check-up, shopping, etc.


The Jiuhua Resort & Convention Center covers an area of more than 1,300,000 ㎡. In this huge garden-like hotel there are over 2,300 guestrooms, 10 restaurants with different flavors, numerous recreation items, more than 100 convention rooms, and a huge exhibition center.


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The Xiaotangshan Hot Spring, which was formed by geological movements. After thousands of years of development, the Xiaotangshan hot spring culture has been formed here, and it was the place where emperors of all ages spent their vacation at. In October 2005, Xiaotangshan was named the "Hometown of Chinese Hot Springs" by the China Geology and Mineral Association.

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