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Asia-Pacific (Chongqing) Hot Spring Research Institute was founded

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

2019-11-28 Source: People's Daily Online Chongqing Channel

On November 28th, at the Second International Conference on Hot Springs and Climate Health Tourism in China, the Chongqing Representative Office of the World Hot Springs and Climate Health Federation (hereinafter referred to as the "Wenmin Chongqing Representative Office") The Asia-Pacific (Chongqing) Hot Spring and Climate Health Tourism Research Institute was officially founded.

In October 2018, China's first International Symposium on Hot Springs and Climate Health Tourism was held in Beibei, Chongqing, and the Asia-Pacific (Chongqing) Hot Springs Research Institute was started. For more than a year, Chongqing has taken the Asia-Pacific (Chongqing) Hot Spring Research Institute as its industry platform, and through the introduction, absorption, transformation, and combination with independent research and development, it has realized the concept, technology, products, equipment, and services of the hot spring and climate health production industry. Comprehensive innovation, leading the all-round upgrade of Chinese hot springs and climate health tourism and the high-quality development of Chinese hot spring health culture.

The Asia-Pacific (Chongqing) Hot Spring Research Institute has achieved remarkable results in promoting the development of the hot spring industry.Fang Guanpin, deputy dean of the Asia-Pacific (Chongqing) Hot Spring Research Institute, introduced that by tapping the attribute value of Beibei Hot Spring itself, the Institute has effectively integrated hot springs with healthy health, hot springs and climate health, and has developed more international and domestic market tourists Favorite diversified hot spring + travel products.

Due to the vast mountain area of ​​Chongqing, abundant forest resources and complete cultural and tourism resources, the Research Institute is exploring hot springs + sports products, hot springs + forest health products, hot springs + vacation products. For example, the Three Gorges cultural element was added to the hot spring products in northeast Chongqing, and the ethnic style was added to the southeast of Chongqing.

At the same time, it will also develop hot springs and traditional Chinese medicine products, combining hot springs and climate health.

"The establishment of the Academy means that it will focus on technology introduction, absorption, and transformation, and develop more products that are suitable for the local market, so that local products can become international." Fang Guanpin said that in the next step, the Academy will conduct research on the Chongqing hot spring industry. Top-level design, "At present, the city's overall plan for hot spring recreation and tourism is being prepared, and assessment standards for hot spring recreation demonstration bases, hot spring product service evaluation standards, and climate wellness evaluation standards are being prepared to guide Chongqing's hot spring industry development planning."

It is reported that the research institute company has been set up by Chongqing Beiquan Hot Spring Development Co., Ltd. It will adopt a market-oriented operation method, bring together funds and technologies from all parties, formulate relevant industry technical standards, fill gaps in the domestic industry market, and promote the hot spring industry Standardized development.

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