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The first time in China? Here are some useful traveling information


Beijing is the capital of China and, as such, it is the country's centre of government, trade, communications, and entertainment in the region.

It is a cosmopolitan city offering ample business opportunities for organisations looking to expand into the region. In between meetings, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of attractions, including the Great Wall of China and the world-famous Forbidden City, giving travellers a glimpse into the unique culture and heritage of China.

Beijing is the transportation hub of China, serving as a jumping-off point to get to other cities throughout the country by air and by rail. The city's ease of access through its central Capital Airport makes it an ideal location for meetings and conventions, as travellers from all over the world make Beijing their first stop in China.


Beijing offers a wide range of accommodations to suit virtually any taste and budget. With thousands of rooms available throughout the city, it is not uncommon to find great deals on accommodation. Whether you are looking for an upscale, five-star resort with all the modern amenities or you prefer something a bit more rustic, enabling you to connect with the local culture, you are sure to find it in Beijing. The beauty of choice can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. To make your life easier, here are some recommendations from some of the top travel websites, complete with past customer reviews, to give you a complete picture of some of the best accommodation options the city has to offer:

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Beijing offers over a thousand restaurants in the CBD alone. Its cuisine is somewhat of a melting pot of cultures from all over the world. Of course you can find local fare, but you'll also find regional specialties from throughout China. Be sure to try the local favourite, roast duck with crispy skin. You'll also find a variety of ethnic cuisines from around the globe. Restaurants range widely from expensive fine dining to inexpensive street food, so you can find something delicious at any price point. Check out these recommendations for some of the best restaurants in town:

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Beijing's metro system has rapidly expanded in recent years, making it your best option for getting around the city. Entrances are not always clearly marked, so it can help to have a map of the system on hand. Fares can be purchased individually, or you can opt for a metro card with a prepaid amount. It is important to note that not all stations are handicap-accessible, so those in wheelchairs are better off with other forms of transportation.


Taxis can be another great option for getting around, although you'll need to be a bit careful. Never accept a ride from a taxi driver who approaches you at the airport, near a tourist attraction, or in other busy public places. These tend to be illegal operations. Always make sure that the taxi has a meter and that the meter is cleared before you depart. Keep in mind that traffic can be highly congested, particularly from 7:30 to 10:00 am and 3:00 to 7:30 pm.


Driving is not recommended for travellers, as traffic laws and guidelines tend to be ignored by locals, favouring more of a "force your way through" kind of attitude. In addition, foreign driver's licenses are not accepted, so you will need to take a driving test to obtain a local license.

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