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Valuable return

We live in an era of change, the world is facing a number of major challenges trigger by changes in political systems, insurance policies and shifting trends in lifestyles. 


The quality of treatment and services may be examined by means of practise/clinical training, evidence based tools to be used for evaluation of performance, in order to face the challenges, we need to shape our competences and work together for a healthier world. 

We are inviting you to join us in developing innovative solutions to our clients and industrial value chains. 

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Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Exercise


Inspirations - Stories of Growth

Solutions - Quality Improvement Initiatives

Competencies - Establishing Standards for Practice

Referral pathways - Supporting Resources

Aquatic Therapy in healthcare - Hurdles & Catlysts for Growth

Day 1 - Search for Evidence

Day 2 - Innovations in Aquatic Health

Day 3 - Aquaitc Facility - Challenges for Development

Invitation for Contributions 

Open: 12 Dec 19

Closed: 1 Feb 20

  1. Application of Aquatic Therapy 

    • Neurology

    • Pediatrics

    • Musculoskeletal Disorders

    • Sports Medicine

    • Metabolic lifestyle diseases 

    • Traditional Chinese Medicine

  2. Marketing and Communication 

  3. Quality assurance and improvement 

  4. Science in Aquatic Health program

  5. Methodologies applied for knowledge transfer 

  6. Innovation and Technology