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From many people's perspective, there are lots of 'Shanghai', but there is only one 'Beijing', the capital of China. We would like to show you the best Beijing. The author of the video below spent two years shooting 20TB material, 330,000 photos, a total of 476 Beijing delayed material. The essence of these materials was produced into this "Best Beijing". No matter at the center of the city, or the court's deep and generous past, standing there, image vivid pictures from thousands of years ago, nowadays are gorgeous and dazzling. Today, please follow me to witness the glory of this city skyline. 

(Author: Lee David )

We are holding the congress in this great city, which indicates its uniqueness and high level. Estimated over 1,000 leading academic professionals and companies will be invited together to work on solutions for shaping our future in aquatic health, as well as upgrade the swimming pool and SPA industry by providing the best products, services and solutions. 

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