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1st 2020 Congress on Healthcare  

Aqua Way

Official Update on Congress Rescheduling

Due to the current health incident lived in China with the Coronavirus, the Organising Committee have decided to cancel the preview dates of the Healthcare Aqua Way Congress, from the 8th, 9th and 10th May 2020.We are looking at opportunities to stage the Congress later in 2020 and will announce the date and location during the next weeks.

Key Dates

12 DEC 2019


28 FEB 2020







Ting Zhang

Organising Chair 

Since time immemorial water has been used by many civilizations for its unique properties and spiritual power.

In Chinese, Water is representative of intelligence and wisdom, flexibility, softness, and pliancy. Being one of the five elements of Wu Xing theory – Shui (Water) has an important influence in Generating and Overcoming cycles of Wu Xing Theory. As it has the power to nourish, it also has the power to extinguish. With Modernization of Medicine and health care, water still retains its zeal of Yin and Yang. 

Water/Winter Phase as a part of Wu Xing Theory is considered as a “period of retreat, where stillness and storage pervades”. I Ting Zhang, the organizer take this perfect opportunity to Welcome all prolific thinkers of evidence & research, competent professionals of health care, energetic instructors of Aquatic fitness industry, Holistic healers of wellness and effective builders of Pools to come together on one platform and create a Wu Xing team to offer the best of healthcare – Aqua Way. In this moment of stillness lets develop our intellectual storage. 

I take this humble privilege as an advocate of “healthcare through integrated approach” to invite all the aqua people across the globe to share your work, your zeal, your passion for water with others and elevate Health care – Aqua Way.

Thought-leadership permeated workshops,  business forums, keynote speakers, technical and training sessions. Networking opportunities enabled new insights and partnerships, showcasing new ideas and solutions to solve the global health problems. 

Showcase your company and solutions in front of global aquatic health professionals.

Institutional Partners

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Chinese Association of Rehabilitation and Medicine 

Sheba Medical Center

Israel's city of Health

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